HS Brands International: Nevada Signup Sheet #001
Location #001: Nevada   Address : All of Nevada
Las Vegas NV US 89120
Location Phone : 702-998-8600    
Question Answer
Dear Potential Shopper,
To legally mystery shop in Nevada, you must be an employee of a licensed Private Investigative firm. HS Brands is a licensed Private Investigative company in Nevada. Our Nevada mystery shoppers are employees of HS Brands, not independent contractors.

HS Brands is currently hiring additional mystery shoppers as our shop load is ever increasing. The shops we have far exceed what our current employees can shop. We are looking for shoppers to complete at least 8 shops per month however, you can shop more than that if you wish. As an employee, you still get to choose to apply for the shops made available, but we do still expect you to complete all assignments that you accept.

The state of Nevada does require you to register with the Private Investigators Licensing Board to become an employee of any Nevada mystery shopping company. There is a fee for the background check, registration and work card. To be eligible for the PILB’s work card you must pass a background check and have NO felonies on your record. If you are currently working as a mystery shopper in Nevada without working under a licensed private investigator, the fines start at $2,500 per shop. The state is cracking down to ensure that all shoppers are employees of a PI firm. We can help you shop legally! Working as an employee has its perks! You are paid every 2 weeks and our shopper pool is smaller than the cumulative U.S. pool, so you have the chance to shop more often and have a better chance of getting the shops that you’re interested in.

We are looking for shoppers that can commit to at least 8 shops per month. The price per shop is indicative of the amount of work required. The average shop pays $15 (reimbursement included. A typical shop may pay $15 plus a $5 reimbursement. Shop pay corresponds to the amount of work the shop requires. If the shop pays $10 with a $2 reimbursement, it is a simple form, but a shop that pays $20-25 will require a longer narrative and more detail. We have about 1,700 shops each month in Nevada. We need shoppers that are willing to drive across town, as we can't keep sending you to your neighborhood shops due to shopper rotation required by our clients. Since we do have so many shops, we can group shops for you so you can pick up a bunch of shops in the same area. We have a system that can give you a complete shop list by zip code to help the 'grouping’. Communication from you is essential in efficiently using your time and gas.

You must have a basic understanding of the Internet as you will be downloading guidelines and submitting your reports at different client web sites. If you cannot already easily navigate the Internet or send an email, completing the mystery shopping forms and surveys will be extremely difficult for you and it is recommended that you are confident in your computer skills before you begin shopping. Someone is always available to help you through those first shops via e-mail or phone. Also, feel free to contact your schedulers if you have any questions.
Please send me a writing sample along with the answers to the questions listed below. The writing sample should be at least 2 paragraphs detailing a recent shopping experience from start to finish. This is an application process so please give us your best sample. We will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to start the paperwork process if you are chosen.

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